Children, Teens and Adults

Etiquette Training

Confidence is how we carry ourselves

By becoming less self-focused and more considerate, through our school etiquette program students can not only improve their relationships and social skills – they can set themselves up for a more successful future. In turn, their contribution will make our society a nicer, more thoughtful place to live.

It’s walking tall and looking people in the eye and having a polished confidence.

Our weekly lessons teach your children etiquette skills that build confidence, social awareness and polish.

Children’s Etiquette Online Workshop (7-11years)

Day 1

First impressions, everyday manners, introductions, positive posture and
body language.

Day 2

Table and dining etiquette.

Grooming and hygiene, voice and articulation, conversations and
presentation skills.

ASOE is excited to share our Kids Etiquette Online Programme, we warmly welcome all children aged 7-11 years to learn good manners, social skills and everyday etiquette via our ASOE Zoom Room. Our online programme consists of a daily 1 hour and 15 minutes session, delivered over two consecutive days.

Each child will be posted a certificate upon completion, all information and worksheets will be emailed prior to course
commencement. Our classes are kept uniquely small to enable positive interactions and great participation for activities and learning.

Manners are an awareness of the feelings of others, if you have the awareness then you have good manners

Children’s Etiquette Workshop (7-11 years)

First impressions and how to be a good friend

We teach your child what to do in order to make a great first impression.

Voice and articulation

In our era of texting we are losing the art of speaking correctly.

Greetings and introductions

Practise how to shake hands confidently and how to engage in conversation.

Positive posture and body language

We’ll have a little fun working out what correct posture looks like.

Our workshops are conducted in small groups. They are fun, fast-paced and interactive. Each child receives personalised feedback throughout the day and plenty of chance to practise the skills being taught.

Over the past 20 years the use of technology, in particular smart phones, has significantly changed the way we interact with each other. So used to communicating through screens, young people
are losing the art of face to face communication and the use of good manners. Our children’s workshop provides hands-on mentoring, where kids will learn why these skills are so important.

Our weekly lessons teach your teen etiquette skills that build confidence, social awareness and polish.

Teen Etiquette Online Workshop (12-17 years)

Day 1

Polished First Impressions, Greetings and Introductions, Positive Posture
and Body Language, Modern Manners.

Day 2

Table and Dining Etiquette.

Digital Etiquette, Grooming and Hygiene, Personal Brand, Voice and Articulation.

Etiquette couldn’t be more relevant and important to today’s fast paced, techno savvy teenagers. Far from being a rigid set of rules, etiquette provides teens with the skills, insights and confidence to
navigate the many situations they’ll encounter in life. This programme teaches life skills that provide your teenager with a polished edge and modern communication intelligence.

The teen will be posted a certificate upon completion, all information and worksheets will be emailed prior to course commencement.
Our Zoom Room classes are kept uniquely small to enable positive interactions and great participation for activities and learning.

Independence, respect and confidence

Teen Etiquette Workshop (12-17 years)

Making a favourable first and lasting impression

We’ll show your young adult how to make a great first impression.

Voice and articulation

Use their voice most effectively to be heard, understood and interesting.

Social media etiquette

Managing all forms of social media using appropriate content and language.

Positive posture and body language

Stand tall, so that he or she can enter every room exuding polish and confidence.

Our Teenage Etiquette Workshops are designed to give young ladies and men aged 12-17 years a sense of confidence in the way they move, feel, communicate and present themselves. We assist your teenager to become the best version of themselves.

Our teenage etiquette workshops provide hands-on mentoring, where your young adult will learn how to interact with others and why these skills are so important. Over the past 20 years the use of
technology, in particular smart phones, has significantly changed the way we interact with each other. Used to communicating through screens, teenagers are losing the art of face to face communication.

Give yourself an edge and stand out from the crowd with private etiquette coaching

Adult Private Etiquette Coaching

Subjects you will cover

Impression management, effective greetings, powerful posture and body language, conversation protocols and rapport building and etc.

Outcomes you will achieve

Etiquette skills educate you to communicate, present and behave more


Our coaching is facilitated via Zoom or can also be delivered in person on site at your office.

ASOE’s bespoke private etiquette coaching and customised training helps distinguish you from the competition. We position you to project the utmost in confidence and capability. From broadening one’s cultural awareness to refreshing business protocols or upgrading identity and image, we have the expertise and diplomacy to drive your success through a polished and memorable impact every single time.

Knowledge is powerful when pitching, interviewing, presenting or socialising, our coaching provides acceleration in these arenas.
Confidence is a skill that creates your future.

Learn the skills to project confidence, knowledge and credibility

The Polished Professional Four Hour Workshop

Your presence in a combination of A-B-C’s

Appearance – Behaviours – Communication.

What you will learn

To show up with confidence, build credibility and develop influence.

Subjects include

Impression management, introductions, rapport building skills.

Key takeaways

Understand and control the behavioural signals about confidence.

The Polished Professional Workshop positions you to project the utmost in confidence and capability. From broadening your communication awareness to refreshing business protocols and
upgrading your identity and image. We have the expertise and diplomacy to drive your success through a polished and memorable
impact, every single time.

Great leaders are great communicators. This applies to in person, phone, email or online – anywhere you are communicating with others.