Employing Australia’s best etiquette, deportment and style experts we teach powerful and practical skills that will
elevate your presence to the next level.

The Australian School of Etiquette was founded to encourage the ideals of refined etiquette, good manners, polished behaviour and style.

The Australian School of Etiquette offers a wide range of programs for business and social success training.  We facilitate our life-changing, confidence building training workshops for corporations, schools and universities, private individuals, young adults and children across the country.

Would you like to polish your personal brand for social and professional success?

Would you like to be assured that your staff has the etiquette knowledge, poise and confidence to give your business an edge?

We invite you to contact us today, we will partner with you to help you as an individual or company achieve your goals.

Etiquette does not divide cultures or classes but rather brings people together.

Etiquette allows you to be a better version of yourself.



Young Adult


  • Social etiquette has never been more important in the fast paced competitive corporate world we find ourselves in. Zarife’s hands on approach and enthusiasm, made this learning experience enjoyable whilst instilling some common courtesy techniques into our team.

    Natahlie Scott – Storco
  • Thank you Zarife for your time last year. You are a beautiful person and really gave me that little bit of extra confidence on my wedding day. Your training and tips were so beneficial.

    Jess Witenko
  • Zarife Hardy hosted a Style and Etiquette evening in an informal canape setting for our team function. She was able to fully tailor her services to us, had a great presence and the group spoke very highly of the event. I would definitely use Zarife, and other Australian School of Etiquette and Style services in the future.

    Nicola Murphy – KPMG
  • Our Reception Managers loved the Professional Image training by The Australian School of Etiquette, we have noticed a difference already – how they talk, their personal grooming, their greetings/conversations with patients on the phone and face to face. Their whole attitude and approach is more polished and professional. We would like a follow-up session in 6 months time to make sure these skills are maintained.

    Dr. Rohit Kumar – Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary
  • My husband and I were so impressed when our daughters came home and shared with us what they had learnt. Our daughters enjoyed the courses and learnt positive life skills that will serve them in their life forever. I would highly recommend all courses offered by the Australian School of Etiquette.

    Mary Burmesiter
  • The etiquette course has proved to be an invaluable tool in improving the customer service standards we are able to offer as a business. This course assisted in refining staff members skills on an individual level which has in turn seen an improvement in their workplace performance. I would be happy to recommend this course to other business owners seeking to further improve their customer service after observing the positive impact this course has had on our employee’s workplace performance.

    Graham Ackling, Manager – OTTO Ristorante

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