Teenage Etiquette Workshops


Beauty is how we carry ourselves. It’s walking tall and looking people in the eye and having confidence in yourself. That’s what makes a person beautiful.


Teenage Certification Workshops

Our Teenage Etiquette courses are designed to give young ladies and men aged 11-16 years a sense of confidence in the way they move, feel, communicate and present themselves. We offer a one day workshop during school holidays, these workshops offer individual elements to assist your young adult in becoming the best version of themselves, gaining confidence in themselves and developing leadership skills. At the Australian School of Etiquette we believe that if teenagers are taught how to develop into independent, respectful and motivated adults they can only be successful. In today’s world an education may take one far; however, an education in addition to manners, etiquette, leadership skills and self confidence will elevate opportunities.


“My husband and I were so impressed when our daughters came home and shared with us what they had learnt. Our daughters enjoyed the courses and learnt positive life skills that will serve them in their life forever. I would highly recommend all courses offered by the Australian School of Etiquette. ”  Mary Burmeister


Teenage Etiquette – Certification Workshop content includes; posture, poise, walking with grace, grooming, table etiquette, everyday manners and speech & voice clarity.

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What to expect at a Teenage Etiquette Certification Workshop

Our Teenage Etiquette Certification courses are designed to give young ladies and gentlemen aged 12-16 years a sense of confidence in the way they move, feel and present themselves.

Topics covered during the Teenage Etiquette Certification one day workshop include:-

  • First impressions – making a favourable first and lasting impression
  • Conversation Etiquette
  • Positive posture and body language – sitting, walking and entering every room looking confident and polished
  • Grooming and hygiene
  • Voice and articulation – using your voice to be heard, understood and interesting
  • Introductions – how to introduce yourself and groups of people to others
  • Relationship etiquette
  • Personal style and dressing appropriately for all occasions
  • Everyday manners
  • Table etiquette – the do’s and don’ts for all types of dining (a hands on class at the dinner table)


The workshops are fast paced and interactive, the groups are small, no more than 14 in a workshop. Please bring lunch and wear smart comfortable clothing.