School Etiquette Program


Life’s complicated for teenagers these days.


Let’s agree: adolescence has never been easy. Hormones run riot, there’s constant pressure from peers and parents, and friendship groups change in mysterious ways every day. In 2018, things are trickier than ever – in large part due to the rise of technology and the way it’s affected our lives. 

Today, teenagers encounter issues like cyber bullying and sexting; things that didn’t exist a decade or two ago. Having grown up immersed in the internet (and surrounded by devices), teens may have often had less opportunity to practice face-to-face communication, which has a big impact on their social skills and relationships.

Often easily distracted and lacking in confidence, today’s teen is rarely equipped for what the adult world has in store – but given how they’ve grown up, how are they meant to know any better? This is where our School Etiquette Program comes in.


Etiquette: an unexpected answer.


While some think of etiquette as stuffy and old-fashioned, this couldn’t be further from the truth – in fact, etiquette couldn’t be more relevant to today’s teenagers. Far from being a rigid set of rules, etiquette provides teens with the skills, insight and confidence to navigate the many situations they’ll encounter in life.

There’s much more to etiquette training than learning which fork to use. Through our courses, teens also learn a range of valuable skills related to conversation, presentation, and responding appropriately in different situations. We don’t just teach our students what the right thing is to do; we teach them why it’s so important.

By becoming less self-focused and more considerate, through our school etiquette program students can not only improve their relationships and social skills – they can set themselves up for a more successful future. In turn, their contribution will make our society a nicer, more thoughtful place to live.

Reports indicate that nearly 85% of our career success depends on social skills, manners and presentation.


How our school etiquette program works.


At Australian School of Etiquette, we’ve been sharing our expertise with adults and young people for many years, and seeing firsthand the impact it has. When working with schools, we aim to support your existing curriculum and teaching approach – and will tailor a program to include the topics you feel are most relevant for your students.

We offer our school etiquette program for school students in a range of formats. Options include:

  • Weekly lessons for a set period (often 6-8 weeks is ideal). These are ideal for smaller groups and involve lots of role-play and hands-on practice.
  • Interactive workshops (usually 1-3 hours) where we address subjects of your choice with an entire class.
  • School presentations (usually 1 hour) usually focused on a specific topic such as social media etiquette or making a positive first impression.

Our trainers are currently working with schools across New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.


What we will cover.


First impressions: how to behave and conduct yourself when meeting someone for the first time, including handshaking and effective introductions.


Communication skills: conversation techniques, listening skills, speech and voice projection, speaking volume, articulation and giving/receiving compliments.


Positive posture and body language: how to walk, stand, sit and enter every room with confidence and poise.


Social media etiquette: managing all forms of social media, handy do’s and don’ts, dealing with bullies and peer pressure, keeping yourself safe.


Presentation & grooming: the details of how you should look from head to toe, including personal hygiene, dressing appropriately, and hair, skin, nails & teeth care.


Dining etiquette: setting the table, eating and using cutlery correctly, dining do’s and don’ts, appropriate table conversations, manners in public places.


Public speaking: how to present and receive an award or make a thankyou or acceptance speech.


Our background.


The Australian School of Etiquette (ASOE) was founded by Zarife Hardy, one of Australia’s leading etiquette experts.

Zarife is a nationally acclaimed Etiquette Coach, Spokesperson and Stylist. She has been featured on the Daily Edition on Channel 7, SBS, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, 2GB, 2UE, 2NUR, Gold FM and many other publications. Zarife is also a regular contributor to the Morning Show on Channel 7 with her own segment called “A Minute of Manners.”

With clients across the country, Zarife travels around Australia consulting with individuals and companies on their professional image. Thanks to the growing demand for her services, Zarife has now built a dynamic team of like-minded experts who help deliver her programs nationwide. Corporations, schools and other audiences love ASOE’s interactive and fast-paced seminars and workshops, and have consistently gone on to reap the rewards in their personal and professional lives.

Zarife’s career began at June Dally Watkins, where she taught Etiquette and Deportment in all their academies across Australia. She has studied with The Trinity College in London in Speech, is a Qualified Stylist with the Professional Styling Academy of Australia, has studied with Etiquette Outreach in Manhattan New York, and has studied Leadership at The University of Sydney.

“Etiquette is a powerful tool that can help take us further in this modern world,” says Zarife. “A polished, professional and confident image will open doors that you didn’t even know existed.”

To learn more about our Schools Programs, please just get in touch – we’d love to hear more about your students’ needs and a tailor a program to suit them.

etiquette for children Australian School of Etiquette

It is pleasure to write some words for Zarife. Warrane College is a residence for men at UNSW. Etiquette is an essential part of this formation. We had Zarife as a guest at one of our formal dinners where she gave the after-dinner speech. She won the crowd initially with saying that “93% of our communication is considered to be non- verbal. It’s great to have all this wonderful knowledge in your brain, but if you can’t articulate it in a polished and positive manner, then you’re not influencing as much as you think.”

She then explained that ‘Etiquette is how you make somebody feel in your presence. Good etiquette is all about making them feel comfortable, feel welcomed, feel happy to be with you”. I was grateful to Zarife for following this line about how etiquette is charity in action. Warrane is also about doing the details well, and her closing line of “Presentation and polish is power… so don’t underestimate details in everything that you do.” particularly dovetailed with the care for the small things that we are trying to impart to the gentlemen of our College.

I was so impressed I asked her for some public speaking coaching for myself, which I need to do well as head of a busy medical department at St Vincents Hospital and as Master of Warrane. In a formal class, she gave me some clear theory and personalised practical points that I now practice every day. This has been invaluable in performing better in this essential part of my responsibilities. Thank you Zarife!

Professor Fogarty
Warrane College – UNSW

When many people hear the word ‘etiquette’ they think of stuffy, outdated traditions, but good etiquette gives the power to earn people’s attention, trust and loyalty – it can even make the difference between securing a new business opportunity, or missing the mark completely.

Recently our Rosevear Boarding students had the chance to undertake an etiquette course from The Australian School of Etiquette, designed to give young people a sense of confidence in the way they move, feel and present themselves – just one of the many enhancement activities our Boarders can undertake to gain qualifications and enhance their employability skills!

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Scotch College Adelaide

Bethany College and Australian School of Etiquette

Zarife Hardy first came to Bethany College in 2017 to run a Grooming and Deportment class as part of our weekly Recreational Sport program. From this time on, the Grooming and Deportment class has become the most popular activity we offer with students eager to secure a place in this class.

Zarife relates exceptionally well to our year 9 and 10 students and they respond so positively to her gentle manner.  The focus of the classes is to give the students skills in communication, grooming and presentation so they can grow into confident and self-assured young women. The classes are interactive and fun and the professional manner that Zarife brings to the classes, ensures all students are captivated and interested.

Zarife’s classes are praised highly not only by the students, but also parents and members of the College staff.

Mrs Donna O’Hare, Recreational Sports Coordinator, Mathematics and Religious Education
Bethany College

Faith Lutheran College works with Australian School of Etiquette

Thank you so much for working with our students at their recent camp, they expressed that it was a really valuable experience and were very positive about the whole experience – thank you. We asked what our students enjoyed most about the workshop, they replied:

  • Book balancing for deportment
  • Practical table etiquette prompts
  • Learning what to wear and when
  • Learning to sit properly and having success, even after falling off the chair the first few times!

Sam Cawt, Year 10 Coordinator
Faith Lutheran College, Plainlands QLD

Bethany College and Australian School of Etiquette

Dear Zarife Hardy

Thank you for taking the time to come out and teach us every week. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to improve and represent my personal brand. It has been an unforgettable experience and I hope to continue to use my new skills.

Thank you so very much, Ally.

Ally, Student
Bethany College, Hurstville Sydney

Schools and educational facilities we have worked with:

Mary McKillop QLD
Riverina Anglican College
Marist Parramatta
Somerville House
Immanuel College
Silkwood School
Arden School
Scots PCG College
St Margarets
Wilderness School
Scotch College
Uni Sydney
Warrane College
Australian Institute of Business & Technology
Faith Lutheran College
Bethany College