Distinguish yourself from the competition with the Polished Professional Workshop.


The Polished Professional Workshop positions you to project the utmost in confidence and capability.

From broadening your communication awareness to refreshing business protocols and upgrading your identity and image.

We have the expertise and diplomacy to drive your success through a polished and memorable impact, every single time. Having a polished presence can help you stand out in the crowd of emails, voicemails, business meetings and social occasions.


How would you rate your presence and communication?

Where do you need improvement?

Are you missing opportunities due to your presence and soft skills?

Are you turning up everyday looking, speaking and behaving professionally?

professional workshop

Your presence in a combination of A-B-C’s:     


Appearance – your appearance should match the image you want to create. 55% of our impact is visual, the way we dress and carry ourselves forms a first impression, often before we have opened our mouths.


Behaviours – it is important to consistently exude confidence (not to be confused with arrogance). There is a balance. Learning to own the room without steamrolling others is a critical element in having a successful presence. Knowing how to behave in all types of environments gives you capabilities and conviction.


Communication – great leaders are great communicators. This applies to in person, phone, email or online – anywhere you are communicating with others.

In this 4 hour Polished Professional Workshop you will learn how to :-

Show up with confidence, build credibility and develop influence. Learn about the power of presence and how to take practical steps to present a more professional, confident persona in the workplace with clients and socially.


Subjects include:-

Impression management, introductions, rapport building skills, leveraging body language and vocal variety for impact, personal packaging/ grooming and attire, communication protocols, entertaining and dining.


Key takeaways:-

Understand and control the behavioural signals about confidence, professionalism, personal brand and status. Adopt a wider range of expressiveness to communicate with impact – enhance verbal and non-verbal communication. Increase confidence, capability and credibility in your daily interactions.