Professional Presence

Professional Presence is letting the most powerful version of yourself shine through everyday.

Presence is a combination of your communication skills, your appearance and behaviours. Together these elements form an impression of trustworthiness’ competence and authenticity.

No matter what position you hold you are being judged on your presence as well as your performance. People form an impression of others within seconds.

Whether you are arriving at work, attending your weekly meeting, picking up the phone, or sending an email your presence and communication skills speak in volumes’ about your confidence and professionalism.

We don’t learn these skills at school or university so this program will give you the essential tools so you arrive everyday knowing how to present and communicate with confidence.

Level 1 (3 x 60 minute sessions)

Subjects covered

  • Professional presence mindset strategies
  • Memorable first impressions
  • Effective Introduction
  • Master your non-verbal communication
  • Vocal presence essentials
  • Your personal packaging – attire and grooming
Level 2 (3 x 60 minute sessions)

Subjects covered

  • All subjects from level 1
  • Presenting with impact and engagement – speaking with confidence and clarity
  • Conversation and rapport building strategies
  • Business communication protocols – email, telephone, meetings (face to face and virtual)
  1. Build and maintain a positive personal brand that aligns with professional identity and values
  2. Develop a strong and confident presence which is essential for leadership and professional interactions
  3. Improve public speaking and presentation abilities, making communications more persuasive and impactful.