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The ASOE Social Skills and Communication program is for students who are interested in learning skills to develop confidence in their appearance, behaviours and communication skills. People who enrol in our Social Skills and Communication program may identify as having social struggles resulting from things like Social Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia or having a mild Learning Disability.

Our students attending this program often express a lack of confidence or knowledge in Reciprocal Conversation Skills, positive posture and body language, first impressions, personal presentation and social courtesies.

Our Workshops are facilitated in small group settings, the teacher instructs the students on socially acceptable behaviours and communication techniques. The teacher models the behaviour and the group role plays the skills together with input and encouragement from the teacher.

Regardless of who you are, if you are motivated to improve your social skills and expand your social interactions, then this course will give you the best practise skills along with support and guidance. New participants often express a lack of confidence conversing with people they don’t know well, and a desire to avoid social interactions due to worries about what people might think of them. Others find themselves frequently left off invitation lists without any understanding as to why. Nearly all of our clients regard themselves as having very few or no close friends.

Improve your social skills and expand your social interactions.

Our weekly lessons teach etiquette skills that build confidence, social awareness and polish.

Social Skills & Communication Workshop - Live Online, 1hr/wk for 4 weeks

Subjects covered in 4-week program:

– First impressions

– Positive posture and body language

– Conversation starters and greetings

– Rapport building skills

– Reciprocal dialogues

– Vocal presence

– Personal presentation

– Everyday essential manners

Please note we only have 6 students in a group, worksheets are provided, and tasks are set each week to practise at home.

The development of social skills is crucial to how we navigate our daily lives. We often don’t give a second thought to social cues like eye contact, body language, or tone of voice—we inherently read these subtitles and record them into our understanding of the situation.

Those with social skill challenges often fail to pick up on these kinds of subtleties in both body-and spoken languages, which can result in a complete communication breakdown. As people with social skill challenges “don’t get” what’s being conveyed, it often leads to isolation (either self-imposed or by others). Social skills are necessary for navigating society; they act as a guideline for one’s career, social life, and personal life.

Learn life skills to walk into any room knowing how to behave and present yourself with confidence.

Social Skills and Communication 1:1 Coaching - Live Online, 45min/wk for 6 weeks

Subjects covered in Social Skills program:

– First impressions

– Greetings and introduction skills

– Rapport building

– Positive posture and body language

– Vocal presence

– Voice and articulation

– Conversation skills

– Essential everyday manners

– Interview skills

– Grooming, hygiene and personal presentation

– Table and dining etiquette

Social intelligence is about understanding your environment and understanding what the social expectations are. Being able to speak, dress and behave with presence has life-long benefits.

Increasing Social Intelligence and Communication protocols will provide advantages throughout the students professional and personal lifes.

Improving social skills through active listening, understanding body language and being more empathetic will give students consistent rewards in their interactions.

Social interactions are a two-way street, it’s integral to know the rules and practice them.

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