Mobile phone etiquette, it seems to be an area of huge concern in the public arena, not only is it incredibly annoying to be hearing someone’s entire conversation, it is also rude and people just don’t know when and where they should and shouldn’t be taking phone calls.


I have recently read that in Tokyo many restaurants are expecting patrons to hand over their phones before sitting down, they have a zero tolerance of using the phone at the dining table, I love that!


Here is my list of mobile phone etiquette rules, if you happen to live with young adults then I highly recommend a set of rules being introduced in your household, the phone can very easily take over young people’s lives and don’t forget us adults – we also need to practise what we preach.


Mobile phone etiquette


Don’t touch, look or hold your mobile phone when you are speaking with other people face to face. Give that person/group your undivided attention. If a call is extremely important, apologise and ask permission before accepting it and move away from the group.


Don’t yell, the average person talks 3 times louder on a mobile phone than they do face to face. Always be mindful of your volume.


Don’t use your phone in silent places, eg. Theatres, cinema, library, hospitals, church, your child’s dance recital etc.


Do let voicemail do its job. When you’re in the company of others, let voicemail handle non-urgent calls.


Don’t make wait staff wait, whether it’s your turn in line of time to order at the table always make yourself available to the waiter. If the call is important, step away from the table or get out of the line


Never have an argument or aggressive conversation in a public place.


Always filter your language, bad words are unacceptable.


Respect the personal space of others, try to keep at least 3 metres between you and others.


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