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We are incredibly proud to have provided training to a broad range of business and corporate clients across many industries, resulting in some wonderful feedback and incredible results. Our corporate and business training programmes are all tailored to the unique needs of our clients which allows us to ensure all training delivered empowers individuals to create and polish their personal brand.

Setting up a new business is always a challenge, especially if you are the new kid on the block entering a segment with many strong established players with a loyal customer base. The question is – how do you compete and differentiate your brand to stand out from the crowd to at least be considered by potential customers. At Genesis Motors this is just one of the challenges we faced when re-establishing our brand in the Australian Automotive market. To differentiate, we believe we had to focus everything we do on the customer. This comes down from the moment a potential customer comes into contact with a member of the Genesis Team.
The Australian School of Etiquette tailored a specific program with a focus on appearance, grooming, the initial greeting, presentation, dealing with different age groups and cultures, what to say and not to say and exceeding customer expectations. In the luxury market it is important to get into the customer’s mindset and understand the level of customer service required – and exceed it. To prepare, this included a Mystery Shop of other luxury brands both in and outside the automotive segment. All of the learnings were prioritised and an Action Plan put together so Genesis Staff do not fall into the pitfalls of other brands.
The training sessions were initially group training followed by tailored one-on-one sessions to focus on the specific requirements for each member of the Genesis Team to ensure we have absolute consistency and the best level of customer service of any luxury brand. Thanks to the Australian School of Etiquette the Genesis Team is well prepared to tackle the luxury market.

Glenn Forster, Senior Manager National Retail Operations – Genesis Motors Australia

Warrane College is a residence for men at UNSW. We see our role as providing the education that is essential for serving society that supplements the excellent didactic learning given in class. Etiquette is an essential part of this formation. We had Zarife as a guest at one of our Wednesday formal dinners where she gave the after-dinner speech. She won the crowd initially with saying that “93% of our communication is considered to be non- verbal. It’s great to have all this wonderful knowledge in your brain, but if you can’t articulate it in a polished and positive manner, then you’re not influencing as much as you think.”
She then explained that ‘Etiquette is how you make somebody feel in your presence. Good etiquette is all about making them feel comfortable, feel welcomed, feel happy to be with you”. Warrane is also about doing the details well, and her closing line of “Presentation and polish is power… so don’t underestimate details in everything that you do.” This particularly dovetailed with the care for the small things that we are trying to impart to the gentlemen of our College.
I was so impressed I asked her for some public speaking coaching for myself, which I need to do well as head of a busy Medical department at St Vincents Hospital and as Master of Warrane. In a formal class some weeks after her visit to Warrane, she gave me some clear theory and personalised practical points that I now practice every day. This has been invaluable in performing better in this essential part of my responsibilities. Thank you Zarife!

Professor Gerald Fogarty – Warrane College, UNSW

The Matilda’s had a great time and took away many wonderful tips, the class was the perfect tone for them, the right amount of personal image vs public image. The workshop really resonated with the team and we look forward to working with you again soon.

Alexandra Williamson – Corporate Events Manager, Football Federation Australia

Otto Restaurant and Australian School of Etiquette
The etiquette course has proved to be an invaluable tool in improving the customer service standards we are able to offer as a business. This course assisted in refining staff members skills on an individual level which has in turn seen an improvement in their workplace performance. I would be happy to recommend this course to other business owners seeking to further improve their customer service after observing the positive impact this course has had on our employee’s workplace performance.

Graham Ackling – General Manager, Otto Ristorante

KPMG and Australian School of Etiquette
Zarife hosted a Style and Etiquette evening in an informal canape setting for our team function. She was able to fully tailor her services to us, had a great presence and the group spoke very highly of the event. I would definitely use Zarife, and other Australian School of Etiquette and Style services in the future.

Nicola Murphy – KPMG

NIOA logo
I was extremely impressed with your ability to deliver what can often be confronting subject matter to a diverse range of recipients, and connect across disparate levels of understanding and expectations. I couldn’t be more pleased with the presentation and polish you projected and I can comfortably say you left us all wanting in regard to the level of professionalism you radiated and the ease with which you carried it. I also sincerely appreciate your flexibility working with NIOA as I understand the difficulties of changing set programs and ensuring they remain relevant.

David Briggs, Chief Risk Officer – NIOA

Cosmetic Sanctuary and Australian School of Etiquette
Our Reception Managers loved the Professional Image training by The Australian School of Etiquette, we have noticed a difference already – how they talk, their personal grooming, their greetings/conversations with patients on the phone and face to face. Their whole attitude and approach is more polished and professional. We would like a follow-up session in 6 months time to make sure these skills are maintained.

Dr. Rohit Kumar – Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary

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We equip all of our clients with business etiquette and soft skills so they stand out from the crowds, we never want you to lose clients again. Our clients report that when their teams mastered the art of good business etiquette people gravitated towards them, and enjoyed spending time in their company, this is great for business and customers alike. After all, better experiences lead to more loyal customers, and in turn, greater profit and opportunity.