Over the past 20 years the use of technology, in particular smart phones, has significantly changed the way we interact with each other. So used to communicating through screens, young people are losing the art of face to face communication and the use of good manners. Our children’s workshop provides hands-on mentoring, where kids will learn how to interact with others, good manners and why these skills are so important.


Polite behaviour is a way of life, not just something to be pulled out at a wedding or a fancy restaurant. If learnt at an early age, good manners come naturally and give a child confidence in knowing what to do in different situations.

Good manners will give your child an edge over those who don’t know how to behave correctly, and instil in them a confident self image that will in turn help them succeed as they navigate through life. Once learnt good manners and positive etiquette skills stay with you forever.




My 8 year old daughter attended the Australian School of Etiquette Children’s programme and I immediately saw a change in her use of simple works like please, thank you and excuse me.  She is more aware of her posture and now really likes to set the table every night, I hope that lasts! The course was extremely beneficial and we will definitely be booking her into another workshop in a few years time.  Thanks again.

Paula Lomas




What do we teach?



What is etiquette?

We’ll begin our day by chatting about why we’re here? Why do we need a set of rules to live by, and what would happen without them?


First impressions and how to be a good friend

Impressions are formed instantly, almost the moment we lay eyes on someone. We teach your child what to do in order to make a great first impression on all those they meet.


The importance of kind words

Kindness is wonderful attribute that makes people want to be your friend. Your child will learn the power of being kind, and how it will attract kindness back to them.


Voice and articulation

In our era of texting we are losing the art of speaking correctly. This sector teaches children how to pronounce their words clearly and correctly. We’ll also be discussing common mistakes used in every day speech and well as the trend for over-using acronyms – when is it ok, and when is it not?


Good grooming and dress sense

How we are dressed and groomed goes a long way to forming that first impression, like it or not. We won’t be worrying kids with unrealistic expectations here, but we will be learning about how important it is to present ourselves in neat, clean clothes appropriate to the occasion. We’ll be talking basic, age-appropriate skincare, hair care and personal hygiene.


Greetings and introductions

Many children don’t know what to say or do when they first meet somebody. Here they’ll learn strategies to make them and the person they are meeting feel comfortable and engaged. They’ll practise how to shake hands confidently and professionally, and how to engage in conversation (even when you can’t think of anything to say!).


Table Etiquette

How often do you sigh when you see your child slumped over their food? We’ll show them how to sit at a table, which cutlery to use, plus how to eat even tricky foods with poise, and without letting manners slip.


Positive and body language

Children tend to be unaware of how they’re sitting or standing and how it portrays them. We’ll have a little fun working out what correct posture looks like, and how much more confident we feel when we stand or sit with a long, straight spine. We’ll look at micro-expressions too and how the smallest movement can say more than they might think.



What do our workshops look like?


Our workshops are conducted in small groups. They are fun, fast-paced and interactive. Each child receives personalised feedback throughout the day and plenty of chance to practise the skills being taught.

Morning tea and bottled water is provided. A short lunch break allows time to run around and re-charge. Children are asked to bring a packed lunch.

All of our Children’s workshops are run as a one-day workshop during school holidays.

Each child attending the workshop will receive a personalised Certificate of Achievement.


The schedule* for the day is as follows:

10:00 – 10:30am   first impressions, introductions, handshakes and greetings

10:30 – 11:00am   positive posture and body language

11:00 – 11:30am   conversation skills and using kind words / everyday manners

11:30 – 12:15pm   grooming, hygiene and dressing appropriately

12:15 – 12:45pm   lunch

12:45 – 1:30pm    voice and articulation

1:30 – 2:30pm      table etiquette


* Please note: the above start and finish times may differ in each state – please refer to your booking confirmation email and ticket.


Frequently Asked Questions


What should my child wear?

He or she should come dressed in smart, comfortable clothing. No rubber thongs please!

What happens if I need to change the date that I booked my child into?

If you know in advance that your child can no longer make the date you booked, please let us know via email 48 hours beforehand, and also tell us which date you would like to move to. We can only accommodate one change per booking. No refunds are given for cancellations within 48 hours Please click here to email us.

Should my child bring his/her own food?

Morning tea is provided. Please give your child a packed lunch to eat during the lunch break.  A short time is given to run around/relax at lunch time, once food has been eaten.

What time should my child arrive?

If possible, please do not drop off your child more than ten minutes before their workshop is due to begin, as the door only opens ten minutes before. Any children arriving prior may wait outside, but please note that supervision is not provided.

Will my child be the only one there on the day by themself?

Most children who attend our workshops come alone, by morning tea they have buddied up with their group and are having a lovely time. We make sure that no-one is left out or feels left alone at anytime during the day.

How do I get to The National Trust Building for Sydney workshops?

The National Trust Building is situated in Upper Fort Street, just behind the Sydney Observatory. Follow directions to The Sydney Observatory (from Argyle St, turn into Watson Rd and follow it around into Upper Fort St). Once outside the Sydney Observatory keep following the road around to the right and then around the back of Fort Street Public School, where the road turns quite narrow. This will take you into the car park of The National Trust Building.