Stand tall and stand out with our Adult Etiquette Workshops


Beauty is how we carry ourselves. It’s walking tall and looking people in the eye and having confidence in yourself. That’s what makes a person beautiful.

social success Australian School of Etiquette

Social Success and Etiquette Masterclass

This masterclass workshop will show you how to make a positive first and lasting impression wherever you go, it will equip you with the essential etiquette knowledge to polish your personal image and acquire more confidence in all social situations. Our workshops are fun, fast-paced and interactive.

Topics include; first impressions, positive posture and body language. Personal style, wardrobe and impression management. Voice and articulation skills, speaking with polish and power. Dining skills, table manners and cocktail party etiquette.

Voice Power and Presence Masterclass

This Masterclass will teach you to speak with confidence and flair. Diction, vocal variety and voice projection will be focused on in depth. You will be guided through a variety of voice exercises to develop vocal strengths. Each attendee will be analysed with tools and tips to enhance their personal voice style and power.

These Masterclasses will only have 8 attendees as they are fast paced and very interactive.

Communication Etiquette Workshops

This workshop provides etiquette skills in all areas of verbal and written communication – email, text, letter writing, telephone and business meeting etiquette. The workshop will conclude with introductions and first impressions. Communicate with polished and professional skills.

International Etiquette and Manners One Day Class

International Etiquette is the knowledge of the world and the ways or usages of polite society. These skills are critical today: knowing how to make introductions, dress tastefully, using the correct cutlery at the dining table, carrying yourself with grace and sophistication and speaking with clarity. The Australian School of Etiquette will help you to develop these important skills to support your private and professional lives, refining you into an elegant lady or confident business executive.

Etiquette does not divide cultures or classes but rather brings people together. Etiquette allows you to be a better version of yourself.