We employ Australia’s leading teachers in Etiquette.

Our staff and Director, Zarife Hardy, regularly attend global seminars and courses to upgrade their skills and techniques.

Zarife Hardy


Zarife Hardy

Zarife Hardy is an internationally acclaimed expert in professional presence and business etiquette. Through her workshops, she teaches a comprehensive range of communication and presentation skills – all of which drive tangible business benefits. Zarife works with blue chip clients across a diverse range of sectors including legal, accounting and finance, hospitality, sport, automotive and wholesale.

Prior to founding ASOE in 2010, Zarife studied at The University of Sydney, The Trinity College in London, and Etiquette Outreach in New York. She now delivers professional presence workshops across Australia, New Zealand, UK, the USA and beyond – and her training has been integrated into the business advantage programme at QUT. Zarife is also frequently called upon for her expert opinion by media channels including Channel 7, Channel 9, 2GB, 2UE, ABC and SMH.

“Bringing polish to the workplace isn’t just a nicety, it builds trust, reputation and confidence.” Zarife Hardy

Sonya Lovell

Business Manager

sonya lovell

Sonya joined the ASOE team in 2015 with an extensive background in the corporate arena most notably working with Optus and Austar in the Telecommunications industry and then moving into the marketing and development of small businesses. Sonya has worked closely with Zarife since joining the ASOE team on defining and building the ASOE brand and positioning the ASOE as an industry leader.

Sonya manages all business operations for the Australian School of Etiquette while working with Zarife to identify new opportunities to educate on the importance of manners, etiquette and making a powerful first impression in our modern world.

Passionate in her support for the Australian School of Etiquette with both of her children having attended Etiquette workshops, Sonya’s motto for life is “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  Winston S. Churchill.

Steve Ralph

Steve Ralph

Steve brings to The Australian School of Etiquette a wealth of knowledge gathered over many years working in the sport and fitness space.

Steve entered the fitness arena as a teenager qualifying for the National K1 Kayak Team in South Africa. After relocating to Australia, he went on to open his own gym and specialised athlete development business and has now trained over 300 athletes.

With a focus on rehabilitation, adolescent athlete development and supporting children with motor control issues, Steve spent a number of years developing his “Play Ground Integration” programme for children with motor control issues. He also works alongside his team to design detailed and sports specific pre-season camps for teams and individual athletes. However Steve’s passions go beyond strength and conditioning coaching, run coaching or sports coaching, his greatest passion lies in developing relationships that lead to him being a mentor, a friend and a confidant that the young adults he works with, can trust and rely on.

Kate Lovelace

Kate brings to The Australian School of Etiquette her wealth of knowledge gathered over 20 years working on editorial magazines. After beginning her career on SHE Magazine in London, Kate moved into the areas of Fashion and Beauty on titles such as The Australian Women’s Weekly, where she worked alongside Australian icon Maggie Tabberer, and Good Health Magazine, where she was Beauty Editor for over 10 years.

Highly qualified in all areas of etiquette, Kate has first-hand experience after travelling the globe in the course of her work and attending hundreds of press functions.  As a fashion stylist and beauty editor, she specialises in the areas of grooming, style, make-up and skin care.

Kate is passionate about teaching children and teens life skills that will equip them with the confidence to succeed in both their personal and professional lives.